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Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS)

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About Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS)

BIS is a national body which maintains quality, safety and reliability of products in India. BIS has set up eight central, four Regional and three branch laboratories in the country for the purpose of testing samples of products during the preliminary and surveillance operations.

BIS Certification allows the licensees to use the popular ISI mark on their product, which is synonymous with quality products. BIS also operates Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme under which overseas manufacturers can be granted license to use the BIS Standard Mark. At present, over 350 licenses have been granted for over 50 Indian Standards in 40 different countries.


Increases Revenue

An efficient integrated system will help the users to easily communicate with the business consolidation & helps them to understand the terms & conditions of a particular product or service. With the proper integration of software, a person can access from multiple locations which helps the companies to identify the target markets details such as: Age, Demographics, Sex (M/F), Preference, Behavioral Patterns, etc. This crucial information helps the companies to decide up-sell & cross sell opportunities.

Improves Customer Services

With an effective usage of BIS software, you are able to track the customer query at much faster rate. If you are successful in solving the customer’s problem at a shorter period of time, then there is a high probability the customer will come back & give a better rating to your company. This may boost the overall goodwill & service efficiency of a company.

Reduces Time & Complexity

If you accommodate your system with BIS, there will be no need to re-install the system and can manage multiple them at the same time. In no time, you are able to fetch the data of your client without having a multiple data entry. Thus, having a proper process flow in your business will help you to reduce the time & complexity.

Provides Better Client Satisfaction

If the client’s customer is satisfied with your service, it will definitely help them to increase the ROI (Return on Investment), Productivity, Turnover and helps to acquire more business. Hence, client satisfaction is very important in customer services based companies.

Helps to Achieve Business Specific Goals

Major importance of integrating your business with BIS system is that it helps to achieve a specific objective. Every company comes with a mission & tries to work towards their goal. Thus, BIS helps the business houses to achieve spectacular visionary goals in a long run.

Drives Innovation

The process driven change always leads to a status objective in the business. BIS process is quickly implemented and hence, it needs resources that can quickly and act accordingly as per the situation.

Document Required

  • Copy of acknowledgement received from portal/ Screen shot of the online file submission
  • Address Proof (1) Business License (2) Other Document issued by Government
  • Signatory for Application If application is not signed by the CEO, Authority letter from CEO (Authorized signatory to be an employee of the company)
  • FORM VI Online generated copy (duly signed and sealed)


Manufacturers of the products notified in the scheme which is located in India or outside India.

The separate Registration number for products being manufactured at different locations.

The separate Registration number for each brand being manufactured at the same location.

Product That Require Mandatory

Bis License

  • Cement
  • Household electrical goods
  • Food and related products
  • Diesel engines
  • Oil pressure stoves
  • Automobile accessories
  • Cylinders, Valves and Regulators
  • Medical Equipments
  • Steel Products
  • Electrical Transformers


Frequently Asked Questions

The date of manufacturing for domestically produced goods and date of landing of consignments in India for goods manufactured overseas would apply for consideration against deadlines notified.

The products manufactured / imported before the due date of coming into effect of Order are not intended to carry the self declaration.

The goods landing at Indian ports on or after the due date must comply with the requirements of Order.

The manufacturer is eligible to apply and get unique registration number which is linked to manufacturer, location of factory, product and brand.

Manufacturer's test laboratories are not entitled for recognition with BIS.

There is no such requirement from the scheme. However, if relevant product standards call for it, the same would apply. It is the responsibility of the registered entity to ensure the compliance of goods to the respective standards by following appropriate process and product assurance procedures.


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