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Annual Filing Of Indian Subsidiary Company

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About Annual Filing Of Indian Subsidiary Company

The Indian subsidiary Company is the company whose interests are held and controlled or held by another company. The preference share capital and the paid-up equity share capital of the Subsidiary company can be used to determine the holding company, subsidiary company relationship between two companies. It can either be owned or owned in part by another company. It should be noted that the company that owns the subsidiary is known as a parent company or a holding company. Although, a holding company does slightly differ from a parent company.

Annual Complainces

All Indian Subsidiary companies are needed to comply with Companies Act, the Income Tax Act, FEMA guidelines, transfer pricing guidelines. Time to time, they are liable to file an income tax return with the income tax department, annual return with the registrar of companies and other mandatory filings with the reserve bank of India or securities and exchange board of India etc. However, the requirement is based on the type of industry, turnover, and the number of employees.

Indian Subsidiary Companies are required to comply with Income Tax Act, Companies Act, transfer pricing guidelines and FEMA guidelines. From time to time, they had to file income tax return with the Income Tax Department, annual return with the Registrar of Companies and other mandatory filings with the Reserve Bank of India or Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI). They would also have to comply with other regulations such as TDS regulations, GST regulations and ESI regulations etc. The requirement is also based on the type of industry, number of employees and turnover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, the Indian Companies Act requires that there should be at least two shareholders and foreign companies hence must hold 99.99% of shares of an Indian subsidiary. Besides, minority balance holding is nominated and held under the Indian Companies Act in the name of an individual.

The reserve bank of India has some guidelines that define activities for foreign Companies under the following broad categories:

  • A foreign company is freely allowed for the activities to engage in without obtaining any permission.
  • A foreign company is allowed for the activities to participate subject to conditions.
  • A foreign company is prohibited for the activities to engage in. Such activities are further elaborated under various circulars of RBI under FEMA.


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