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RERA Suits

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About RERA Suits

RERA suits, or Real Estate Regulatory Authority suits, have become increasingly prevalent in the real estate sector. At MLR Legal, we are your reliable and experienced legal partner, committed to navigating the complexities of RERA cases on your behalf. RERA was established to safeguard the interests of homebuyers and regulate the real estate industry. However, navigating its legal intricacies can be challenging. That's where MLR Legal steps in. We possess extensive knowledge and expertise in handling RERA suits, ensuring that your rights and investments are protected. Our dedicated team of legal professionals will assist you throughout the entire process, from understanding the intricacies of RERA laws to filing and representing your case effectively. We're committed to delivering a comprehensive legal solution tailored to your specific needs. With MLR Legal, you can trust that your RERA-related concerns will be addressed with precision and diligence. We work tirelessly to secure your rights, seek compensation, and bring resolution to your RERA dispute, ensuring you get the justice you deserve in the real estate market.


Legal Protection

RERA provides a legal framework to protect the interests of homebuyers and ensures accountability of developers.

Timely Resolution

RERA mandates the resolution of disputes in a time-bound manner, ensuring quicker redressal compared to traditional courts.


Filing a RERA suit promotes transparency in real estate transactions by compelling developers to adhere to declared plans and timelines.


Victims can seek compensation for delays, defaults, or other grievances, ensuring financial justice.


  • Sale Agreement :Copy of the sale agreement or builder-buyer agreement.
  • Payment Receipts : Proof of payments made to the developer, including receipts and bank statements.
  • Project Details :Brochures, advertisements, or any documents provided by the developer regarding the project.
  • Correspondence : Communication records between the buyer and the developer, including emails, letters, and notices.
  • Proof of Identity :Identification documents of the complainant (e.g., Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport).

Steps Required for Filing RERA Suits

Identify Grievance : Clearly identify and document the specific grievance, such as delay in possession, discrepancy in project specifications, or financial misappropriations.

Gather Documentation : Collect all relevant documents, including the sale agreement, payment receipts, and communication records with the developer.

Draft Complaint :Draft a detailed complaint outlining the grievance, supported by evidence. Ensure to include specific relief or compensation being sought.

File a Complaint : Submit the complaint online through the RERA portal or in person at the RERA office in the respective state.

Pay Fees : Pay the requisite fee for filing the complaint, as stipulated by the RERA authority.

Legal Recourse and Follow-Up

Appeal : If dissatisfied with the RERA decision, you can file an appeal with the Real Estate Appellate Tribunal within the stipulated period..

Execution of Order : If the developer fails to comply with the RERA order, file for execution of the order through RERA to enforce compliance.

Regular Monitoring :Monitor the developer's actions to ensure adherence to the RERA decision and any agreed timelines or compensation payments.

Professional Assistance :Engage legal professionals to navigate the complexities of the process and ensure all legal avenues are appropriately pursued.


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