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About CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software helps improve customer satisfaction, develops loyalty, and increases sales. By fostering better internal coordination and understanding of customer needs, CRM systems empower businesses to build and nurture lasting relationships that contribute to long-term success. Zoho CRM has become an integral tool for businesses across all industry segments seeking to enhance their customer interactions and streamline operations. Its centralized database consolidates customer information and conversations in a unified platform. Automation allows repetitive tasks to be performed based on defined criteria. This frees up the sales team to focus on providing a better customer experience. Tracking and analytics tools provide valuable insights that help in making data-driven decisions. SalesIQ from Zoho is a live chat tool designed to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. Real-time visitor tracking allows monitoring of website visitors and gaining in-depth insights into their behavior. SalesIQ seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, ensuring a cohesive workflow. SalesIQ Automation features include an easily configurable chatbot and an answerbot that can be trained to respond based on natural queries by seeking information from a knowledge base. SalesIQ increases the efficiency of lead management, improves customer satisfaction through personalized interactions, and helps design a more informed sales strategy.


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