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Arbitration and Mediation Cases

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About Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration and Mediation are efficient and effective methods for resolving disputes outside traditional court litigation, and at MLR Legal, we are your trusted partners in achieving favorable outcomes. Our experienced legal team specializes in Arbitration and Mediation, providing alternative dispute resolution services that save you time and resources. Whether you're facing commercial, civil, or family disputes, we employ a collaborative approach to facilitate negotiation, communication, and ultimately, a mutually agreeable solution. Arbitration offers a structured process where a neutral arbitrator renders a decision after hearing arguments from both parties. Mediation, on the other hand, is a more informal process where a trained mediator helps parties find common ground and reach a voluntary settlement. MLR Legal is committed to guiding you through the entire Arbitration and Mediation process, ensuring that your interests are protected and your disputes are resolved with the utmost professionalism and fairness. We understand the value of avoiding protracted legal battles and strive to provide expedient, cost-effective, and peaceful resolutions to your conflicts.



Generally faster than court litigation.


Can be less expensive than going to court.


Proceedings are private, and the results are not public record.


Parties can choose arbitrators with specific expertise relevant to the dispute.


  • Arbitration Agreement :A clause in a contract or a separate agreement to arbitrate.
  • Notice of Arbitration :Document initiating the arbitration process.
  • Statement of Claim :Detailed account of the claimant's case.
  • Response to Statement of Claim : The respondent's answer to the claim.
  • Evidence : Documents, witness statements, and other supporting materials.


Initiation : One party files a notice of arbitration.

election of Arbitrator(s) : Parties agree on arbitrators or a method for selecting them.

Preliminary Hearing:Establish procedural rules and timelines.

Discovery and Evidence Submission :Exchange of relevant information and evidence.

Hearing : Presentation of arguments, evidence, and witness testimony.

Award : Arbitrator(s) render a decision, which is binding and enforceable.

Advantages of Mediation


Parties retain control over the outcome.

Preservation of Relationships

More amicable process can help maintain business or personal relationships.


More informal and flexible than arbitration or litigation.


Discussions and agreements are private.


  • Mediation Agreement :Agreement to mediate, outlining the process and mediator's role.
  • Position Statements :Summary of each party's view of the dispute.
  • Evidence :Any documents or information relevant to the dispute.
  • Settlement Agreement : Agreement reached during mediation (if successful).

Steps Required for mediation

Agreement to Mediate : Parties agree to enter mediation.

Selection of Mediator : Choose a neutral third party to facilitate discussions.

re-Mediation Conference:Preliminary meeting to set agenda and goals.

Mediation Sessions :Structured sessions to discuss and negotiate issues.

Settlement Agreement : Document outlining the terms of any agreement reached.


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