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Appointment Letter

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About Appointment Letter

An Appointment letter is a letter given by the company to person to officially appoint him in the company as an employee. It comes after the person has accepted the job offer and now he is being appointed as an employee. Such letter is generally provide on the first day of the joining of the employee. It provides information about the position offered, salary along with benefits, various company policies and other information about the employment. The copy of letter has to be signed by the employee and return the same to the employer.

When Appointment Letter is Provided

This appointment letter format can be used by a HR Manager of the Company or Manager of a Company offering a job to a prospective hire. This appointment letter puts formally and in writing all else that was still left unsaid at the time of employment, fills in the blanks and connects the dots about any questions or details the employee may still have had and gives him a feel about the daily work and day to day responsibilities expected of him.

Appointment letters are provided on the day of joining of the employee, printed on the letter head of the business. One copy of the mutually signed appointment letter is retained by the Employer, while another signed document is retained by the Employee.

How to Create an Appointment Letter

Appointment letters are printed on letterhead of the employer and signed by the Management or HR Manager authorized to hire the candidate. In case the candidate accepts the position, the candidate must sign a copy of the letter and return it to the employer to indicate acceptance of employment, after which a contractual obligation to be fulfilled by both parties has come into existence and become binding.

Frequently Asked Questions

The act of appointing someone. : a job or duty that is given to a person : a position to which someone is appointed.

Reappointment Letter The reappointment letter is a summative. It is directed to the issue of reappointment or tenure.

An offer letter (also called as Letter of Intent)is a document (soft/hard) given by any company to a Person interviewed by them. ... Coming to Appointment letter, is proof of appointment that a person is accepting the offer and ready to work for the company and agree with the terms and conditions of the company.

Appointment is defined as a meeting set at a specific time. An example of the word appointment is when a time has been set to meet with a doctor on a specific date. The definition of appointment means the act of choosing a person for a position or the process of giving the person that position.

An appointment is a job or position of responsibility. Mr. Fay is to take up an appointment as a researcher. If you have an appointment with someone, you have arranged to see them at a particular time, usually in connection with their work or for a serious purpose.


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