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About Legal Advice

We are a one-click platform that enables an individual to resolve their query remotely and make an informed choice about what lies ahead. Our scope of online advice includes criminal defense, real estate and construction, antitrust, liquidation and layoffs, inheritance and divorce, and maritime law, company establishment, corporate and investment, litigation and arbitration, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), labor and employment, intellectual property, compliance and investigations.

Fields of Law

Constitutional Law Corporate Law Criminal Law
Employment Law Environmental Law Family Law
Human Rights Law Intellectual Property Law Property Law
Securities Law Technology Law Tax Law


Constitutional Law

The Constitution is deemed to be the supreme law of the country. It governs the affairs of the country and involves rights and duties of the government as well as its citizens. The constitution is a vast area of the law and can have many cases and jurisprudence to keep track of. These cases require you to access the High Courts and Supreme Court as some of these issues can be of great significance to the justice system. Most landmark judgments in India will have a constitutional law aspect built into them somewhere.

Corporate Law

The field of corporate law deals with rules pertaining to the facilitation and management of business. A corporate lawyer can advise on an agreement, write up a contract, or negotiate clauses on behalf of a client. Corporate lawyers do not go to court, but rather advise clients from the comfort of their office. An understanding of the Companies Act, 2013, and the Indian Contract Act, 1872, is a must.

Criminal Law

Criminal law requires an understanding of court procedures, police investigations, and the Indian Penal Code, 1860. /p>

Employment Law

Employment law concerns the rights & duties of employer and employee. Employment lawyers often fight cases to either defend compliance with the labour laws or absolve their clients of requirements prescribed by such legislation. Employment lawyers will also review employment agreements and assist with the termination of employees. They may also represent an individual employee, employee unions, and other interest groups. While employment law in other parts of the world is often a very specialized area of practice, in India it is not uncommon to see employment law being clubbed together with corporate law, with one legal team advising on both areas of the law. Employment law is one of the more exciting areas of the law, as it has to do with a lot of people-centric issues (hiring, firing, onboarding, health and safety of workers, etc.), and the Indian government has recently made it easier to practice employment law by harmonizing multiple legislations into singular codes of practice.

Environmental Law

The practice of environmental law in India is a growing area of the law. It deals with laws pertaining to air, water, wildlife, biological preservation, and environmental protection. With the recent creation of the National Green Tribunal, there are more environmental law cases being litigated and companies are taking environmental compliance more seriously as well. Environmental issues affecting many people often have an underlying constitutional aspect. Being an environmental lawyer can also allow you to work more easily for international organizations such as the WWF-India or government departments. Thus, the practice of environmental law can allow you to work in a variety of settings that are different from the conventional law firm or lawyer's office.

Family Law

Family law concerns personal laws, which deal with personal relationships of citizens. Family lawyers are involved in divorce cases, cases involving custody of children, as well as property law. In India, family lawyers have to deal with a number of legislations, which can include even complex laws governed by one’s religion (Hindu laws, Muslim laws, etc.). Family lawyers often deal with cases that can be very emotionally difficult, as the issues in family law affect families and young children.

Human Rights Law

Human rights lawyers advocate on behalf of victims who have had their rights infringed. In India, the practice of human rights law can be long and arduous as one tries to get their day in court . To be a good human rights lawyer, one needs to be aware of basic rights that are enshrined in the Indian Constitution. . One may also see human rights principles as reflected in procedural laws in India, such as the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property law deals with securing and protecting legal rights relating to innovation, discoveries, and creations. The law seeks to protect the intellectual property rights of authors, inventors, artists, and businesses. An intellectual property lawyer will often advise on issues regarding the interpretation of statutes about patents, copyrights, or trademarks. Intellectual property law is one area that has grown significantly in recent years, with the rise of the media and entertainment industry. The work includes registering intellectual property, drafting legal notices, and actions related to enforcing a breach of agreements. Being an intellectual property lawyer can keep you closer to business than other areas of the law, with many lucrative opportunities in companies such as Netflix and Dharma Productions.

Property Law

Property law concerns laws about the transfer and inheritance of property. The practice of property law is remunerative area of the law and can have some overlap with family law when families litigate disputed household properties. The practice of property law can also include the review of tenancy contracts and rent agreements, which are straight-forward and routine in the Indian legal system..

Securities Law

Securities law is an area of the law that has greatly expanded in the last two decades. It focusses on the rules pertaining to investment and the financial sector. With the growth of fintech operators in India, and an expansion of the Indian financial system, legal issues concerning them are becoming increasingly common. One must be well-versed with the regulations issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Tax Law

Tax lawyers advise on the interpretation of provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961, and can be expected to fight cases on behalf of clients in special tax courts. Tax law requires an intricate understanding of complex laws and can be one of the most difficult areas of the law to master. However, each case is often very unique, unlike other practice areas that may involve a repetition of issues and use of templates.

Technology Law

Technology law broadly encompasses legal issues arising out of disseminating and communication of information through the use of technology. It includes but is not limited to law related to e-commerce, cybercrimes, data protection and privacy laws, surveillance, cloud computing, net neutrality, internet of things, artificial intelligence, drone technology, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In the era of rapid technology growth, the law and policies around technology law is also changing. The contractual obligations arising out of technology has become complex.


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We have a team of lawyers they have vast experience in dealing with all types of legal cases.

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We follow a strigent privacy policy. Your identity will never be disclosed on the website and we never pursue our clients for any promotional purposes.

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