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Money/Debt Recovery

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About Money/Debt Recovery

Money/Debt Recovery is a crucial aspect of financial stability, and at MLR Legal, we are your dedicated legal advocates for resolving these challenging issues. We understand that unpaid debts or unfulfilled financial obligations can be distressing, impacting both individuals and businesses. MLR Legal offers a comprehensive and results-driven approach to Money/Debt Recovery. Our experienced legal team specializes in navigating the complexities of debt collection and financial dispute resolution. We work tirelessly to protect your interests and recover the funds that are rightfully yours. With MLR Legal by your side, you can trust in our commitment to conducting thorough investigations, negotiating with debtors, and, if necessary, pursuing legal actions to secure the repayment of debts. Our expertise in the field ensures that your financial concerns are addressed effectively, bringing you closer to financial stability and peace of mind. Choose MLR Legal as your trusted partner in Money/Debt Recovery, and let us handle the legal intricacies while you focus on rebuilding your financial future.


Legal Recourse

Provides a formal legal avenue to recover outstanding debts or money owed.


Legal actions can lead to enforcement measures that compel the debtor to repay the owed amount.

Interest and Penalties

Allows for the possibility of claiming interest and penalties on the overdue amount, compensating for delays.


Demonstrates seriousness about debt recovery, deterring debtors from defaulting.


  • Contract or Agreement :The original contract, loan agreement, or any written agreement that outlines the terms of the debt.
  • Invoices and Bills :Copies of unpaid invoices, bills, or statements of account showing the amount owed.
  • Payment Records :Proof of payments made and any outstanding balances, including bank statements and receipts.
  • Communication Records : Any correspondence between the creditor and debtor regarding the debt, including emails, letters, and messages.
  • Proof of Identity :Proof of identity and address of the creditor (e.g., Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport).
  • Demand Notice :Copies of any demand notices sent to the debtor requesting payment.

Steps Required for Reporting Money/Debt Recovery Cases

Document the Debt : Ensure all documentation related to the debt is complete and accurate, including contracts, invoices, and payment records.

Send Demand Notice : Send a formal demand notice to the debtor, requesting payment within a specified period (typically 15-30 days).

Negotiate :Attempt to negotiate a repayment plan or settlement with the debtor before pursuing legal action.

Consult a Lawyer : If negotiation fails, consult with a lawyer to assess the case and determine the best legal course of action.

File a Case : File a debt recovery case in the appropriate court or tribunal, providing all necessary documentation and evidence.

Attend Hearings : Attend court hearings and present your case, including all evidence and witness testimonies if applicable.

Legal Recourse and Follow-Up

Appeal : If dissatisfied with the court's judgment, the creditor or debtor can file an appeal in a higher court within the stipulated time frame.

Execution of Order : If the debtor does not comply with the judgment, file for execution of the order to enforce payment. This may involve legal actions like attaching the debtor,s assets or garnishing wages.

Settlement :Engage in settlement negotiations at any stage if both parties agree to terms, potentially avoiding prolonged legal proceedings.

Professional Assistance :Engage debt recovery agencies or legal professionals to handle complex cases or when dealing with uncooperative debtors.


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