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Lease Deed

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About Lease Deed

As per Section 105 of the Transfer of Property Act, the definition of ‘Lease’ can be understood as a transfer of a right to enjoy property for a certain time or in perpetuity; in consideration of a price paid or promised or of money, a share of crop, service or any other thing of value to be rendered periodically or on specific occasion to the Lessor by the Lessee who accepts the transfer on such terms.

It is a legal document having force of law which may be referenced by courts in the event of a disagreement. The lease deed must be printed on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper. The value of the non-judicial stamp paper or stamp duty payable on the lease agreement would depend on the State and the value of the lease payable as per the lease agreement. Lease deeds can also be registered at a Sub-Registrar Office having jurisdiction over the premises to be leased. Two copies of the lease deed are usually executed, with each party retaining one of the original copies.


Property Description

A detailed description of the property should be provided along with the area, the exact location, respective Survey No.(s) etc. It is also advisable to include a description of all the structures standing on the property along with the list of all the fittings and fixtures thereon.


The exact duration of the lease should be mentioned along with the commencement date and expiry date.

Title Search

Proper Title Search should be conducted and public notices issued to ensure that the Lessor is entitled to give the property on lease and that there is no legal impediment in the property being demised in favour of the Lessee.


Lock-In Period to be mentioned if any.


The grounds for termination of lease like breach, non-payment of rent, force majeure, failure to pay rent etc., to be included along with the agreed process for termination by the parties and the notice period.

Rent Payment

The quantum of rent, the mode of payment, due dates, the procedure for delay, rent escalation etc., to be discussed and reduced to writing.

Security Deposit

Security Deposit, if any.

Maintenance Charges and Land Taxes

Who is responsible for payment of maintenance charges, society charges, land taxes and other government charges? Effect of non-payment and the process for dealing with that.

Utility Charges

It should be clearly defined whose obligation it is to pay for the utilities such as water, electricity, telephone, internet etc and in whose name the receipts are to be generated.

Permitted uses

What are the permitted uses of the demised property?


Whose obligation is it to ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the demised property and the procedure with repairs.


Restriction of material alteration of the property without the express consent of the Lessor.

Sub Letting

Whether sub-letting of the demised property is permitted and if so then under what terms and only with the express approval of the Lessor.


Inspection of the demised property should be permitted by the Lessee at reasonable hours and with prior notice.

Study the applicable

Study the applicable law pertaining to the payment of Stamp Duty and Registration of the Lease Deed and ensure that adequate payments are made and the correct forum followed.

Legal Charges

Whose obligation is it to pay the Stamp Duty, Registration Fee and other governmental and incidental charges in the transaction?


Procedure for the handover of possession at the end of the lease and the execution of a Deed of Surrender of Lease, if applicable should preferably be mentioned in the Lease Deed itself.

It is recommended

It is recommended that either of the parties get their own insurance cover on the demised property to protect against any unexpected event.

Clearly identify

Clearly identify the jurisdiction of the relevant Court and the dispute redressal mechanism in the event of a dispute arising between the Lessor and Lessee.

Respective Indemnities

Ensure that there are adequate Indemnity clauses in the Lease Deed to cover foreseeable incidents like defaults in payment of rent, damage to property, breach of terms, wrongful representations and warranties, defect in title etc.

The aforementioned is a basic outline of the process of drafting a legally competent and balanced Lease Deed concerning commercial lease deed with a corporate purpose in mind.
A corporate lease deed needs to be drafted and scrutinized more thoroughly than a lease of residential premises or tenancy as there are various aspects of commercial transactions of commercial use of a property which are not present or do not have a very large role to play in non-commercial transactions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Actually an unregistered lease deed is invalid in law and not an admissible evidence hence it is not a favorable situation to the tenant/lessee. However if you are ready to pay the stamp duty and conveying your willingness to the court about it, you will be allowed to pay the same to make the deed a valid one

A contract between a lessor and lessee that allows the lessee rights to the use of a property owned or managed by the lessor for a period of time.

Rental units are typically available until the landlord has a signed lease. Landlords usually require move-in monies at lease-signing time, such as first-month rent and security deposit. If the tenant signs the lease but doesn't make there required payments, the landlord can void the lease.

Legally it does not matter who signs the contract first as long as both parties agree to it. Practically speaking, it might be better to sign second. One reason for why it is argued that you should always sign second is that you will be bound by any amendments made after you sign

Details on State Lease and Rental Agreement Laws. When someone agrees to rent or lease a property, they sign a lease or rental agreement outlining the terms of the agreement. It is a legally binding contract between the tenant and the landlord that details the rights and responsibilities of each party.


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